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Why the focus on spay and neuter is so strong

Everyone has heard the speech about having your pet spayed or neutered, but why is this procedure so important? Why is there such an emphasis on educating pet owners on what spaying and neutering can do for them and their pets? The answer, there is a multitude of benefits to be gained from this procedure. Here at Parkview Animal Hospital of Lincoln, Nebraska we have performed hundreds of procedures and have helped pet owners understand the benefits of making sure their dogs and cats are spayed or neutered.


Saving the Lives of Dogs and Cats

Spaying or neutering your dog or cat will not only significantly reduce the population of feral dogs and cats but also reduce the numbers of cats and dogs in shelters. Due to overpopulation, millions of healthy dogs and cats get euthanized in the United States. Simply, there are not enough homes for all of the dogs and cats that are born each year. Aside from creating space in homes or shelters, there are other benefits.

Medical Benefits

  • Your female pet will have a longer and healthier life when they are spayed before they have their first heat.
  • Neutering/spaying your pets will help prevent certain cancers
  • Can also reduce the instances of spraying (hormonally marking territory)

Behavioral Benefits

  • Female dogs and cats will not go into heat and will not have the temperament issues that often come with this cyclic event.
  • Your male pets will be calmer and not as aggressive due to the reduction of hormones that can cause behavioral problems.
  • Your spayed and neutered pets are less likely to attract strays and other pets, thus reducing chances of fights or the spread of illnesses.


When determining whether or not to spay/neuter, many people worry about the cost of having the procedure done. In most cases, spay/neuter surgery is affordable. Your pet's surgery will cost far less than what it will cost to care for a pregnant dog or cat and the litter produced afterward. Investing in the surgery now will more than pay for itself down the road!

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