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The entire team at Parkview Animal Hospital in Lincoln encourage you to take advantage of our wellness exam program. Designed to identify potential health challenges before they become a problem, you and your pet can live a longer and more comfortable life when you include this annual visit to your veterinary office.


What Is a Wellness Exam?

A wellness exam ensures that your pets are in great shape while providing an opportunity for our veterinarians to check for new and changing conditions your animals may experience as they age. Your wellness exam will include:

  • Physical exam of eyes, fur, skin, and joints
  • Check a stool sample for parasites
  • Listen to heart and lungs for indications of coronary disease
  • Weight and eating habits
  • Evaluate for hidden pain
  • Examine teeth for decay and loss
  • Update vaccines

How Does My Cat or Dog Benefit from a Wellness Exam?

As your pets age, they will need to have their diet and exercise routines adjusted. Our staff can identify when they may be putting on too much weight, which can lead to heart disease or diabetes.

Do your pets have stiff joints? We may prescribe a nutritional supplement to help with movement and reduce pain.

Have their personalities recently changed? A professional examination can expose long term infections, chronic health conditions, or hidden injuries that you may have missed. Your best buddies will enjoy longer and more comfortable lives if you partner with a qualified veterinarian for their care.

Include a Dental Checkup for a Healthy and Happy Furry Friend

Your dog or cat can get cavities, just like their human companions. The wellness exam will include a quick dental exam that can highlight the need for further dental work. A bad tooth can cause your pets to drop their food or avoid eating as much as they should. Chronic dental disease can contribute to other health problems such as heart disease and bacterial infections. You will be able to schedule any follow-up work during your visit.

Parkview Animal Hospital Offers the Calm and Confident Approach Your Pet Needs

Our veterinarians put their years of experience to work and provide a calming touch your pet will respond to in a positive manner.

Call Parkview Animal Hospital to learn more, or simply stop by!

Is it time to bring your cat or dog in for an annual checkup? Give us a ring or simply stop by at any time, no appointment necessary!

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