Pet Surgeries

Understanding Pet Surgeries

Veterinary medicine has gotten a lot more advanced in recent years. We can now do a lot of things similar to the treatment given to humans. Pet surgeries of many kinds are relatively common now. Our veterinarians in Lincoln are here to give your pets the best care, including quality surgery when it is needed. There is a wide variety when it comes to pet surgery. Some surgeries can be done while you wait, and others require us to keep your pet a few days. Here are some of the kinds of pet surgeries we perform at Parkview Animal Hospital.


Types of Pet Surgeries

Spaying and neutering are basic surgeries we do at Parkview Animal Hospital in Lincoln. It is a fairly simple procedure that can be done in a short amount of time.  To avoid unwanted births of animals, we always recommend spaying or neutering.

Various cancers are treated with surgery. This is a more complicated procedure and may mean we will need to keep your pet a few days. Cancer treatments are expensive but can prolong the life of your pet and increase their quality of life. Surgery is one of the common treatments for cancer.

Stomach surgeries are needed when a pet's digestive tract gets clogged. This can be caused by something a pet swallows and can stop up the digestive tract, requiring surgery to get it unstuck.

Exploratory surgery is rare, but it is done at times when certain conditions cannot otherwise be diagnosed. 

Bone and joint repair is another area where pet surgeries have taken a big step forward. These procedures have become some of the most common procedures a veterinarian does.  Fractures and dislocations are also fairly common procedures and sometimes need a specialist's attention. We also do amputations when they are needed. 

If Your Pet Needs Surgery

We can advise you and help you make decisions if your animal needs surgery. Surgery is serious, but our veterinarians have a lot of experience with pet surgeries and there's no need to worry. If a specialist is needed, Parkview Animal Hospital can help you find the right one.

Call Us Today to Make an Appointment

Call Parkview Animal Hospital in Lincoln today for all your pet care needs. We always welcome new patients and want to establish a relationship with every animal we treat. As your veterinarian in Lincoln, we can give a more thorough treatment if we know the animal's history. Give Parkview Animal Hospital a call today at 402-423-6939 and let us get to know your pet.

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